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What Makes Cashmere Expensive?

Posted on April 06 2017

What makes cashmere expensive?

There are two main reasons why cashmere is expensive: 

Limited production: Real cashmere comes from mountain goats that live above 14000 feet in the mountain areas of Mongolia and Nepal. To survive the freezing temperatures at -50 F degrees, the goats grow a unique, incredibly soft inner coast of hair, six times finthan human hair.It takes from three to four goats up to four years worth to produce enough cashmere fiber for one sweater. Producing one involves countless hours to raise, feed and care for a goat. The fibers are shed naturally and thus no harm is done to the animals. High-quality cashmere fiber is also always hand combed.


baby goat

Labor intensive process: Cashmere is very delicate; it cannot be spun by machine. Cashmere had to be hand-woven. The best form of cashmere weaving is by using two ply yarns. In total it takes around 10-14 days to finish hand weaving one cashmere shawl.

Incredibly soft, lightweight and sensual, precious and rare, cashmere is the ultimate wool that will be the perfect luxury touch to your wardrobe.


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