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What Is Cashmere?

Posted on January 26 2017

Where does cashmere come from?

Pure cashmere comes only from one section of the entire world of the countries Mongolia, Nepal, India and China. Cashmere itself is the undercoat of a specific breed of goat that lives in the extremely harsh climate of these areas,and their wool is only harvested once in a year. The average women’s cashmere sweater requires up to four years’ worth of cashmere wool from three to four goats.

These goats are prepared to survive in -50 F temperatures, and they pass an incredible warmth and comfort along to you through their wool.

Cashmere is collected during the spring molting season when the goats are naturally shed their winter coat.

  • How to grade cashmere?

You might think that all clothes made from cashmere have the same cashmere fiber, but it’s not the case.The quality of the fiber can be different. Below listed three quality grades of cashmere material: grade A, grade B, and grade C


Quality of cashmere is measured by the hair of goat: the longer and finer the hair - the better the quality is.

  •  Grade A: Grade A cashmere fiber is usually the longest and the thinnest, and it is the finest in terms of quality. Fibers have the smallest diameters ranging from 14 to 15.5 microns. Threads are luxurious and feeling is the softest as well.
  •  Grade B: Cashmere of Grade B is a little bit cheaper, but still considered luxurious enough.It presents a little worse quality than grade A cashmere as its fibers are around 19 microns thick.
  • Grade C cashmere of grade C is the lowest quality of these three grades. The grade C cashmere hair has thickness of about 30 microns, making it a lot coarser than grade A cashmere. In addition it is less soft when touched compared to grade A and B.

cashmere fabric


In such a manner, the quality of cashmere can be measured by three grades A, B and C, and it is judged by cashmere softness and goat fiber thickness, the finer the width of the hairs, the softer the texture of the garment and the higher the quality is.

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