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Top 9 Reasons Why Every Man Should Wear Cashmere

Posted on April 09 2017

Today we are going to show top 9 reasons why every man should own and wear cashmere sweater. Let's start countdown! 

Reason #9: Did you know that cashmere wool is lighter than sheep's wool? That makes it just more comfortable to wear due to light weight and thin structure. 

Reason #8: Cashmere sweater doesn't wrinkle. You can stuff it in your luggage, you can put it in your drawer, fold it, whatever you do it always comes out looking as good as new. Thus, it is perfect to take for travelling: light weight and doesn't wrinkle.

CashmereHome Cashmere sweater Men

Reason #7: It's not itchy at all. Remember wearing heavy and thick wool sweaters that always make you feel itchy? Remember how your kids hate to wear wool sweaters, because it's too itchy for their soft skin? With cashmere sweater you can forget that such itchy sweaters still exist. You will want to wear your cashmere sweater again and again!

Reason #6: Cashmere sweaters take longer time to pill than average wool sweaters, that will make your cashmere sweater live longer, of course if you take good care of it. The reason for this is that cashmere fiber is longer and thinner, and it is not shred but combed before processing. 

Reason #5: Cashmere sweaters will always look as good as new, because they are made from higher quality material, which has longer strength, which is why cashmere sweaters are more expansive than average wool sweaters.

Reason #4: A high quality well cared for cashmere sweater could last you a life-time. 

Reason #3: Cashmere sweater is not only warmer than common sheep's wool sweater - it's times warmer than sheep's wool. 

CashmereHome Cashmere sweater Men

Reason #2: Cashmere sweaters are so soft and comfortable so when women give you hugs her hands linger a little longer - they know what material it is and they ask "Hey! Is that cashmere?" all the time.

Reason #1: Cashmere sweaters are expansive and women know it. So it gives them the clue that the man wearing cashmere sweater got some good taste and he can afford something expansive or has taken time to treat himself to something that is high quality and he appreciates finer things in life.

CashmereHome Cashmere Sweater Men

These are the reasons for you to wear cashmere sweater - to enjoy it, to appreciate it and to be appreciated by weaker gender.


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