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Does Size Labeling Matter?

Posted on April 06 2017


Shopping for clothing can be a dispiriting experience. Every brand has different sizing often varying bust and hip measurement by up to three inches. Nowadays people become so obsessed about what actual clothing size they are, despite that the parameters are changeable. Logically we shouldn’t think that we gained weight just because our size in one store is 12 and in another store is 14. 

What is actual way to choose the most fitted clothes? Undoubtedly, it is old fashioned tape measure. Let's say we have a garment with a size S label but it measures 36 inches across the chest and the fit is actually larger than what you have used to wear. So what is actually size S, you would ask?  Usually size S is somewhere between 34.5 and 35.5 inches, but in reality it can vary even within the same manufacturer.

As a clothing brand we are trying to make this sizing matter easier for our customers, because we are fully aware that buying clothes online can be challenging, especially while trying to get the right size. Luckily our garments are cashmere so they are stretchable, which makes it easy to fit on any body type. If you would like to get one of our garments don’t forget to refer to the size chart, our size charts are detailed enough for our customers to get their right size. The measurements feature the length and width of the clothing item, in that way you can imagine how particular cloth with fit on your body.

CashmereHome Size Chart

After all It wouldn’t be fun if we stick with one standard size, right! So we should embrace our differences and not turn them to a complexion,  enjoy wearing your clothes as long as they look beautiful on you, you don’t need to be worried about the size label, you can always remove It if it is likely to be an issue for you.



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