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5 reasons why cashmere is the best for your kids!

Posted on April 06 2017

While some parents maintain a permanent disposable mentality towards their kids’ clothes, more and more mums and dads are seeing the value in children's cashmere.

Here are 5 great reasons why cashmere is best for your little angel. 

1 – Because it’s so soft :Cashmere Home Cashmere Hoddie


Thanks to cashmere’s rigorous – and ancient – manufacturing process it creates clothing that is unbelievably soft. As your child’s skin is developing, that natural softness isn’t just a tactile pleasure for them, it will be far less likely to cause irritation and other skin conditions. Plus there’s nothing like cuddling your kids in their softest togs.

2 – Because it fits:

Cashmere Home Cashmere sweater

Lots of kids’ clothes are a terrible fit. Cheap manufacturing methods can mean that even if they look nice to start with, they can lose shape very quickly and look shabby. Because of the nature of cashmere it fits beautifully, and stays fitted if it’s looked after. So if you invest in boys or girls cashmere clothing you’re a lot more likely to get a well-fitted item that stays looking great.

3 – Because it’s warm:CashmereHome Cashmere sweater


If cashmere can keep goats alive during winter on a mountainside in Mongolia, it will definitely keep your kids toasty on the way to school in the snow. It’s thin too, so you don’t need to layer them up until they look like the Michelin man. Children's cashmere come in everything from double breasted cardigans to hooded tops, hats and trousers and dresses for kids, so you can make sure they are nice and warm from head to toe.

4 – Because it lasts:CashmereHome Cashmere sweater


Cashmere is made to last, and many adults will find they keep wearing their favorite cashmere items for years. Anything they outgrow can easily be put to other uses, like being inherited by another sibling or put on eBay. But many things will last for years and stay looking great for a long while. Cashmere is an investment, and anyone who’s sick of their kids’ clothes falling apart after five minutes of play will be able to see why it’s worth considering.

5 – Because they’re worth it

Cashmere is the best. And so are your kids. They’re the greatest and a little quality pampering is no bad thing now and then! Sometimes you need to forget about practicalities and just go for something they will love and that looks great on them. So don’t feel bad about it, enjoy giving your girls or boys cashmere clothing. They will certainly enjoy wearing it!


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